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Thank You

Thank you to everyone who visits my website. Now just need buyers for my book.

New Book

Considering only doing an e-Book for "The Life and Death of Lily". Decisions, decisions.....

Indonesian Betrayal

Must start keying in Chapter 1 of my book...

Film Rights

Still waiting for that important offer to buy the film rights. Is there no-one out there who is willing to take a chance on a new author's book?

Thank you

Have finally found the messages on my blog. Thank you to all who have responded. Takes time to update everything and must find the time to do so, but so much to do.

A Dream in Limbo

My dream is to help others less fortunate but to do so I need to make money from my books and sell the film rights. Help is needed.

Waiting, waiting....

Still waiting for that offer for film rights. I know 'Indonesian Betrayal' isn't a bestseller but it would make a good movie....

Still hoping....

Still hoping someone will be interested in the Film Rights to my book. Must be someone out there who would like to make a movie of it and further books. Same characters in the first book will be in the third book..maybe tele movies..

UPDATE 06/09/2012

Still lots of activity on my website but no sales. Talking about the film rights - Hugh Jackman would make a good Glen but who would be ideal for Lori??