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Help Wanted

Help still needed

As I've said my dream is to sell the film rights to my books. This can only be done with help from someone out there. The money would help in my retirement and in writing more books and, as I only need a certain amount of money to retain my present lifestyle, the remainder could go towards helping people less fortunate. All my books would make good movies so how about it?

Hard work.....

Still trying to build sales of my book. It's hard work for a self-published author.

Latest news about Indonesian Betrayal

My novel will soon be available through major book stores as I now have an agreement with a distributor.
The novel is also available for an E-reader from many online bookstores.
Am also looking for charities to use the sale of it for their fundraising. Any companies can arrange this with me.
A sales boost is needed to help me become a best-selling author.

Help me to be a bestselling author

I've self-published my novel, Indonesian Betrayal, and want to sell copies of it. Please, please buy my book and give me your feedback. It can be purchased on this website, from my publisher or from Amazon and various other online bookstores. It's very difficult to break into the market, so help is wanted to prove I've written a good story, which people enjoy.