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At the moment I am trying to delete posts from My Blog and start it again, so I won't be commenting on any posts. Apologies for this, but I need to up date quite a few things on my website.

"The Life and Death of Lily"

Check out my website for my new book.

"The Life and Death of Lily"

Cover and Prologue added to website.

"The Life and Death of Lily"

Paperback copies of new book now available via this website. AUD24.00 plus postage and handling within Australia AUD10.00. Postage and handling to USA AUD18.00 to UK AUD22.00.

New Book - "The Life and Death of Lily"

Should receive the paperback copies Thursday 07/07/16. Will need to put postage costs onto the website ASAP.

New book - paperback copies soon available

Just paid for 100 copies of "The Life and Death of Lily" to be printed. A few weeks and paperback copies will be available via my website.


"The Life and Death of Lily" is finally moving. Met Jason at Fontaine Publishing Group here in Perth last week. Now only have to give him the ISBN and how many books to print and then the paperbacks will be on their way. Ebook will be a little longer as have some changes to make.

Update - "The Life and Death of Lily"

New book held up - was almost ready for printing and placing as an ebook and the company handling this has gone into receivership. Now will have to find another company to print and will place on sites as an ebook myself but will take a little work. Luckily I own the copyrights.

Not long now.....

New novel "The Life and Death of Lily" available soon. Final alterations done.

New book new book

It will be available soon, soon.....

"The Life and Death of Lily"

New novel nearly there. Last proofread to be done. Hurray.

"The Life and Death of Lily"

The new book is coming along. Awaiting mockups for the ebook and paperback. A short video for YouTube has been completed by New Hope Media in Sydney. I'll upload soon to this site.

New Book

Onto the cover of "The Life and Death of Lily" - proceeding along.

So Much Procrastination

Note to self - update website more often. Get so tied up with things.

New books

"The Life and Death of Lily" - waiting for it to be setup by the self-publishing company     "Abandoned in Vietnam" first draft on the way 15,000 words done.

Slow slow slow

Do need to move along with the new book. This week is it for submitting more info to the publisher:

New Book "The Life and Death of Lily"

Still working on the book or at least some info for the publisher - - if time doesn't get away from me will email the details by the end of the weekend and then they can set up the book. Yay.

New Book

The new novel "The Life and Death of Lily" is almost ready for publication. Need to check some terminology with a detective and have my photo taken.


My new novel "The Life and Death of Lily" is coming along. Almost finished the final proofread.


Am guilty of not looking at my website more often. Still trying to finish the final proofread of the new book. Not enough time for everything.

Thank you and apologies

Thank you to all the people who have looked at my website. Apologies for not reading the comments earlier. Week before Christmas sick, busy Christmas, Bali trip and New Year. Two weeks after New Year sick again. Thankfully we are well now so onwards and upwards - hopefully - will start updating the website, including more of my first book and move along with publishing the second book. The third one is coming along.


Sorry to people looking at my website. Haven't done much lately because am trying to finish off my new book. Once that is up and running away we go.

New Book

Coming later in 2014 a new novel by this exciting new author "The Life and Death of Lily" - the murder of a high class call girl set in Melbourne Australia. Another good story for a movie/tele movie.


Awaiting my final results for my Journalism Diploma. Once certificate is received will be an official Freelance Journalist. Taken a lot of work this year to finish it. Will add more of my book soon and will be moving along with my next book.

Indonesian Betrayal

From the cover of my novel it looks as it the story is denigrating Islam but this is not correct. It's a fiction story and has Australian and Indonesians in it - both good and bad. It's a good fast moving story and worth reading.


Hi folks
Am working hard this month to finish off my Journalism Diploma so next novel is on hold and updating this website.

Thank you

Thank you to all the people who like my website. I must add some more of my book but have some studies to complete this month.

Welcome to my website

A warm welcome to those who have visited this site. Been a busy time so soon should be able to add more of my novel to this site. Sorry to those who are getting impatient.

My Dream

I've always hoped to become a best selling author and my novels made into movies. The reason is that I wanted to help others less well off than myself but I'm not achieving this dream. I live in hope that it may happen but without the public's help it will not. Please buy my book.

Updating Chapter 1

This week is quiet so some updating of my book needs to be done. Hopefully no procrastination and we finish the chapter.

PC Problems

Back online after PC problems so will have to add some more of my book.

More of the book

Will put more of Chapter 1 on this weekend. Hope you're enjoying the read.

Indonesian Betrayal

Was supposed to add a little more of the novel Friday but unable to. Will do so this coming Friday.

More of Chapter 1

Have included another part of Chapter 1. Will try to add to this each Friday - hopefully.

Indonesian Betrayal

Coming this week more of Chapter 1. Ebook available on many online bookstores.

Must stop procrastinating

Definitely need to put more of my book onto my website. Just not enough time. It is available on most online book stores as hard copy or ebook. Buy buy buy....

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who visits my website. Now just need buyers for my book.

New Book

Considering only doing an e-Book for "The Life and Death of Lily". Decisions, decisions.....

Indonesian Betrayal

Must start keying in Chapter 1 of my book...

Film Rights

Still waiting for that important offer to buy the film rights. Is there no-one out there who is willing to take a chance on a new author's book?

Thank you

A big thank you to all who have looked at my website. Now I only need to entice people to buy my book.

Looking for an agent

Must get into gear and look for an agent for my second book. Too much procrastination. If no agent, then no publisher so will be back to self-publishing.

Prologue finished

Finished entering the Prologue. Will continue with Chapter 1 at a later date. Enjoy reading..


Apologies to anyone waiting for more of the prologue. Takes time to key it in but will be finished very soon..

Thank you

Have finally found the messages on my blog. Thank you to all who have responded. Takes time to update everything and must find the time to do so, but so much to do.

Still Waiting .....

Still waiting for that all important contact for the film rights to my book. There must be someone out there who's ready to take a chance on a new author's story. It's written in a way which can be easily converted for the screen.

More Work Needed on Selling the Film Rights

Need to put in some work on this website. Finish the Prologue and add 
to My Blog more often. Time is short with editing work, finishing the next book, studying Journalism and TESOL, going out to work etc, etc, etc.
Am still hoping someone will take a chance and buy the film rights to my books. I know they would make good movies/tele movies. Do want to help those less fortunate, but need to sell the movie rights first. Will keep working at this - will never give up.

Help still needed

As I've said my dream is to sell the film rights to my books. This can only be done with help from someone out there. The money would help in my retirement and in writing more books and, as I only need a certain amount of money to retain my present lifestyle, the remainder could go towards helping people less fortunate. All my books would make good movies so how about it?

A Dream in Limbo

My dream is to help others less fortunate but to do so I need to make money from my books and sell the film rights. Help is needed.

Waiting, waiting....

Still waiting for that offer for film rights. I know 'Indonesian Betrayal' isn't a bestseller but it would make a good movie....